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Advice of the World

Advice of the World

“You have to be open to the advice of the world, and then have the grit to follow the advice.” - Roger Sparks

This doesn’t mean giving up. This might mean that the world tells you that you currently suck. You aren’t ready. 

That’s okay. Don’t take it personal.

Some of the best scotch whiskeys in the world are aged in wooden casks for 25 years that were already used to aged wine.  

These casks are integral to a long process but their value mainly lies in the fact that they were already used in a different long aging process. 

You might think that THIS is the time. THIS is the project. But what if what you are learning now is just setting you up for the NEXT project? For the next iteration, the next product release. 

Do you have the patience, commitment, and grit to find out? 

Work harder. Get better. Write 18 more drafts. 

Do what it takes. 

It is too easy to give in and give up. 

Don‘t let the rejection letter make the decision for you. It isn’t telling you to quit anyway, it is telling you to keep going, that you aren’t there JUST yet.

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