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Becomes The Way

Becomes The Way

"The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way" - Marcus Aurelius .

I remember the first time reading this... and then I remember the second time reading it seconds later. Think about it ( or maybe if you're like me, go back and read it again)... the IMPEDIMENT to action, ADVANCES action.

I firmly believe that it's NOT the age old saying, "everything happens for a reason" because good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people all the time. I believe Everything Happens for a REACTION and the "Reaction" is completely up to us. At some point in life we all come to a roadblock (an obstacle) - but we figure it out. We go around it, we go over it, hell, sometimes we grough right through it. But it's that will, that wisdom, that transformation that allows us to continue our action that keeps us moving.

"What Stands in the way (an obstacle) becomes the way" - Best selling Author Ryan Holiday wrote a book about this every thought - The Obstacle Is The Way. And in it he goes on to say Each time, you'll learn something. Each time, you'll develop strength, wisdom, and perspective. Each time, a little more of the competition falls away. Until all that is left is you: the BEST VERSION OF YOU."

Welcome the obstacle, welcome the impediment., welcome the setback As long as you know that'll you'll keep moving, accept that your path won't be a straight line, but you're strong enough, wise enough and skilled enough to keep going. And along the way you'll continue to learn and grown and be the BEST VERSION OF YOU BECAUSE YOU ADVANCED.

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