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The War is Never Over

The War is Never Over
“When the war is over, the fighting begins”
— Afghan Proverb

Keep your eyes on the prize. Focus on your goal. There are volumes written about the importance of relentlessly focusing if not obsessing on your goal.

Goals might move.

Timelines change.

There is always the next move.

This is why people gain back weight after they complete a 12-week body transformation challenge. The weight loss goal date passed, now what?

This is why entrepreneurs that focus so heavily on getting funded fail after receiving a windfall of funding from Venture Capitalists.

We need to always be thinking about thinking about the next move. The war is actually never over. In these movements, when we achieve our goals, after a moment of reprise and reflection on our success, we need to be extra diligent against complacency.

The source of our original fire, the thing that drove us, might be out. It is at this time that we need to re-light a new fire or run the risk of atrophying in the darkness.

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