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Two Men...

Two Men...

“I am two men. I am the man I wish I were and the man I actually am.”

-The Knowledge: A Too Close To True Novel (Steven Pressfield and Shawn Coyne)

We all live double lives. To most of us, these double lives go unnoticed to friends and family; but the dichotomy of our being is real and defined within our minds.

This is normal and natural, but it can also be the root of frustration. The frustration doesn’t come from the presence of these “2 Men” but instead it arises from our snuggling into the acceptance of the man that we are. The less we pursue the man we wish we were, the greater our frustration grows. 

This frustration is pervasive.

The answer.

Work. Try. Persists.

Keep trudging forward to be the person you wish to be. Sometimes it will feel as if you are lumbering through a snowstorm with 60 MPH headwinds and 4 feet of powdery snow; making no progress.

That is just the devil talking. Progress is in the effort. Effort is how you become the man you wish you were.

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