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Yes is...

Yes is...

“Yes is nothing without “How?” — Chris Voss

Yes is easy.

Do you want a million dollars? Yes.

Do you want to sleep 10 hours a night? Yes.

Would you like to have an incredible and fulfilling relationship with your spouse? Yes.

Yes is fun to say.

Like a kid raising their hand when the camp counselor says “Who wants ice cream?” I could do this all day.

How is messy.

How requires thinking, action, failure, resolve, more failure.

How are you going to earn a million dollars?

How are you going to prioritize sleep over Netflix, Instagram, Zoom based office banter so that you can be in bed by 9pm?

How are you going to put your own ego, agenda, and priorities aside in order to listen to your spouse and create common objectives and goals?

Sometimes you can want the end result (yes!) but you don’t want to do what it takes to actually get it (the how).

That’s fine.

So next time you want to jump up and scream YES! — take a moment to check yourself and think about the how and all the effort that comes with it as without the how, yes is nothing.

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