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We Only Have So Many Tomorrows

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The Meaning Behind the Gear

"I like the versatility that a small, blank piece of paper offers endless possibilities. It encourages iteration and exploration of ideas. Or sometimes it's just a daily reminder of things we take for granted-PostIt Brand

The concept behind this shirt is simple... to remind ourselves of something that is very easily taken for granted... LIFE! We remind ourselves to pick up milk on the way home, that we have a zoom call at 2pm, we remind ourselves of the kids sports schedule or changes in our evening flow, millions of different reminders have been written on these little yellow pieces of focus ... but how often do we remind ourselves to live?

Product Details

Printed on a Champion Garment Dyed 10oz Crewneck Sweatshirt. Champion practically invented the sweatshirt AND right here in our home of Rochester, NY in 1919 (shout out to Knickerbocker Knitting Mills). The front is classic and plan, letting the color, Saltwater, and the construction of Comfort associated with the brand, speak for itself. A Small Champion "C" patch on left sleeve cuff is another small reminder of the mindset we carry everyday. And the back ... well, the back speaks for itself ..

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